FAQ at Iboga Healing

Frequently asked question at Iboga Healing: “Do your children know what you do?” -Yes! Since young ages the children have been around healing through indigenous technologies. And Bwiti, the tradition of Iboga, is for our family a way of life.

We teach the children the tradition throughout each day. We teach them that their life is a gift to be treasured, that they can use their senses to help them find the truth, that they have the power to change things that aren’t working anymore.

When Iboga came into our lives 7 years ago, one of our goals with the medicine was to become the best parents we could be, and Iboga helped us to discover deeper wells of patience and energy. Iboga allowed us to shed the trauma of our own ancestry and upbringings so that we can truly move forward in our lives, creating new and healthy ways to be together as a family.

Being parents also deepens our experience as providers of Iboga plant medicine, Our guests become an extension of our family, our children for the week. Caring for others with love and patience at Iboga Healing and in our home.

Many thanks always to Iboga and the Bwiti people for sharing their tools for how to live a healthy, happy life.

-Madison Callahan Director, Iboga Healing

You can find more informations about Iboga and our retreats on our website: ibogahealing.com