Oral Traditions

The ancient wisdom of the Bwiti people, the knowledge of Iboga, is an oral tradition. Meaning it is only shared human to human, usually around a fire, in the old way, and is never written down. To learn about the Bwiti, about Iboga, one needs to have this experience for themselves. This firsthand exchange of information, human to human, plant medicine to human, self to soul, takes the participant from believing into knowing. Believing implies that you are taking someone’s word for it. Knowing means that you have gathered this information for yourself, have experienced it, and know the truth in your bones. This way of sharing the tradition around a fire is integral to keeping the wholeness and integrity of this work intact. Ensuring that there is nothing lost in translation, that each participant gets the full story and best possible opportunity to heal, to utilize these tools which have been studied for thousands of years.