We all know what it feels like to be in pain.

There is obvious pain, like breaking your leg, or losing a loved one. And there is a more mysterious pain, one that is difficult to put your finger on. The feeling that we are disconnected from our purpose, disconnected from life itself. A sense that we are alone, or are lacking the tools to move forward.

This pain often carries a heavy weight, which over time solidifies into our bodies as disease and physical illness. When we wake each day to these feelings, confusion about how to take the first step towards health and happiness can be overwhelming.

Pain is an opportunity. Pain comes to encourage healing, to say “It’s time to take a look at what is holding you back from living your life”.

For many of us, we reach out to plant medicine when things have gotten really hard. When it seems like there is no where to turn, and we have exhausted all of our options.

Plant medicine, and indigenous wisdom, is like the light at the end of the tunnel, something glimmering in the darkness, whispering of another way. These traditions offer us a way out of the pain. A chance to glimpse something bigger than our minds can conceive of on their own. A look at our own soul, a hard stare into the face of the beautiful truth.

When we have these mind opening experiences, the ancientness of these plant medicines and traditions reminds us on a cellular level that we ARE connected to life. That there is no alone with our feet planted on the earth.

The medicine pulses through us in waves of intense cleansing punctuated by indescribable peace.

PEACE IS THE PURPOSE. Inner peace, outer peace, a break from the madness of the mind. A chance to regain control of our lives.

It is the path of the human being to find relief from the pain. This hero’s journey through the treacherous desert of what was, into the green fields of what is to come.

Reclaiming our gift, the gift of life.