Written Testimonials and Provider Reviews

During my first ceremony, I traveled deep in the medicine. With my eyes closed, I could see the stars, and everything around me. It was amazing. The visions I had were amazing as well, and they came quickly all night one after the other. Iboga showed me a memory of a trauma. I was able to heal this wound. During my second ceremony, I didn’t travel as deeply. The shaman asked my soul the questions I had. I feel as though I received answers from my soul, and then I merged more deeply with my soul. After the ceremony, it felt like there was still so much going on. It felt very healing. I slept well. My mind was completely empty and peaceful. My soul felt at peace. I started to feel a knowing, knowing that I was expressing myself from the center of my being. I no longer worry about anyone else, trying to please others. I know my only responsibility is to my soul, to stay connected and re-connect when I drift away. I know in such a profound way that I need to love myself and that is a key to everything. As each day passes, I feel more and more at peace, clearer than I have ever been. I am free. The people at Iboga healing are truly gifted, loving healers. I would trust them with my life. Steve is one of the most resourceful, compassionate beings I have ever met. Jenny and Nyla each have special gifts, both such loving souls. If you have the slightest hint that your soul wants you to experience this form of healing, please listen. Please go. I think Iboga is particularly helpful for addiction, anxiety, PTSD, obsession, compulsions, depression and so much more. It helps put the mind in its proper place, as a tool and not a ruler. Iboga is an intelligent medicine that gives you exactly what you need. My intention was to connect more strongly with my soul, and I did. I truly felt at home and as though I have met more of my tribe, my soul family. As the plane left the runway, I was overwhelmed with joy. I felt so grateful, whole, peaceful. It felt like I was being launched into a new world. God bless you. Love you all!!

I recently attended a psycho-spiritual retreat at Iboga Healing Center and it’s by far one of the best things I’ve done for myself. Steven and his amazing team have been extensively trained in traditional iboga usage and are very passionate about helping others. This comes through in all that they do. As soon as I got picked up at the airport, I knew I was in the right hands. The food, accommodations, and ceremonies were top notch and I felt safe and cared for the whole time. The spiritual shower was an amazing experience, and that alone, made me the trip to Costa Rica worth it. Through the guided journeying process Steven uses in the iboga ceremonies, I figured out a lot of things that were holding me back and I’m now on a better path with more clarity about myself, my soul, and my purpose. Everyone on the retreat with me was blown away by the experience and left feeling like fresh, better versions of themselves. If you are feeling the call to improve your life through iboga, don’t be scared, just go to Iboga Healing Center! You won’t regret it.

I have now been back in Los Angeles for a week since my Iboga Healing. And healing is quite the understatement. A tangible shift in my peace and a wonderful depth has been added to my stillness. There is something that has left me. I seem to have resolved issues I did not think needed to be resolved and let go of some kind of weight within my very being. The people who run Iboga healing were incredibly attentive and caring, and they shared so much depth of the history of the medicine, it's origins, practices and ceremonial truths. Steven is a gem and his ceremonies were beautifully presented in an authentic and understandable manner. And I have to thank Jenny who was a ray of sunshine that added to the whole experience. It is hard work, and not a fun hay ride. But the pay is priceless and brings much wealth within. Thank you. I will be back, for sure.

Steven is not only a father of four, but a father for all who come sit by the fire with him. He embodies the spirit of the medicine in his daily life. I am honored and forever grateful to have his guidance. Even as I integrate back into my daily life, I know that he is always there for me!

Steven embodied a presence of pure compassion, strength and humility and with our group. He is a total delight to be with. Deeply connected to the African root and its origins, he is a most excellent teacher and guide, and is committed to the ways of the soul. He is in service and I am honored to know him as a colleague and a brother.

In a spectacular house set high atop a tropical, coastal hillside in Costa Rica, my body lay under a clear, starry sky. I was entranced by what I swear was the sound of the waves gently rolling to shore from the sea below, the view of which I had indulged in silently from my private room in the days before the ceremony. Yet I was there, in my home in North Carolina, in my bedroom, the walls painted the shade of roasted chestnut, set against cherry hardwood floors and white sheer curtains framing my windows. And there, sitting on my bed, was my soul, just where Steven - guiding me with his voice - told me to look for her. At least, it was a version of my soul. She introduced herself to me, and I remember feeling that she was a stranger, yet my constant companion at the same time. Someone I had failed to acknowledge for most of my life, yet so familiar. She was me. And I, her. Then she told me she loved me. She told me all was forgiven and that she would always be there for me, had always been there inside of me, pure and merciful, innocent and benevolent. I threw myself into her arms and we embraced. My heart burst as tears flooded my eyes and burned beneath my lashes. I felt, for the first time, or as long as I can remember, the staggering feeling of acceptance and love. As we embarked on a journey together, in my mind - or, in this altered state of reality - we joined hands and skipped and laughed and hugged some more, as I wept of joy. That was the day I met my soul. The day I met my true self. The day I will never forget.

I went to Costa Rica with no experience with plant medicine and Steven was my provider. He had a contagious peace and energy about him, and his authenticity and passion for the medicine were very visible. This powerful plant in the hands of an amazing provider has freed me from overwhelming fear and allowed me to live my life in the present and with much greater potential.

Steven made me feel safe due to his calm and pleasant demeanor. It is obvious that he enjoys his work, and he roots for everybody to overcome their obstacles in order to have a positive, meaningful outcome. He strives to make a personal connection with every one, and there is no doubt about the connection he feels to those he helps, the spirit of Iboga, and to the country of Gabon and the Bwiti culture, in particular, which makes for a more authentic and spiritual experience.

My husband and I had the pleasure of journeying with Steven. He led me through a vision that I will never forget. He was kind and supportive and his guidance with the medicine helped me to kick a very long addiction. After only a short stay I would consider Steven a lifelong friend and would recommend him as an Iboga administrator to everyone!! Pura Vida!

I met Steven during an Iboga retreat in April of 2016. His calm and friendly demeanor conquered my trust right away. Where I really needed that trust was while in Iboga healing session. His experiences, knowledge, but above all his genuine compassion, desire to help and zero judgement, will guide you to the depths of whatever there is to be addressed. It's life changing. You have to live it to believe it. But you'll never be the same person ever again. Your life will change for better, and be sure you'll gain a wonderful friend.

For many years, like so many, I have searched for a different state of being and interacting with the world. During my search I found the magnificent plant of Iboga and read about all of the powerful transformations amongst those who have taken it. Soon after gathering all this information, I decided to take the plunge myself and took a trip to Costa Rica. It was during that life changing time that I met Steven. Immediately when I met him I could tell that he had a deep passion for his work and took extreme care with every single person he came into contact with. Not only did I feel comfortable divulging my reasoning’s for being there, but I felt un-judged when doing so. My journey with the medicine was extremely vigorous and although I struggled, there was a feeling of security that I felt while Steven was present, as he took utmost attention and care towards my experience. In the end after it was all said and done, my trip to Costa Rica also proved to provide a very real transformation. I owe an extreme gratitude towards Steven and his expert understanding at the medicine’s qualities, with his high regard towards everyone’s process with it. I would recommend him to any I come into contact with, as well as those closest to me. If you are reading this and are deciding to take the journey yourself then trust that you’re in the best hands possible.

Thank You to everyone for sharing your stories.
EVERYTHING IS NOTHING UNTIL YOU MAKE IT SOMETHING! We are beyond honored to be able to share this potent medicine, and expand our family with every retreat. BUKAYE