The Role of a Medicine Person

A medicine man or woman plays a special part in all traditions. One who understands the inner truth of all peoples. He or she must be prepared to walk someone back to the center no matter their position. As humans we all wander away from the path. A good medicine person will guide you back to yourself, and empower you.

The job of a medicine person is to guide you to face the truth of yourself. There is no other way to truly heal. This is the hard part for most, facing what we have built and created for ourselves. As humans, we are constantly creating our reality. That is where the fear comes in, we can unconsciously create our own pain and misery. A medicine person is a warrior who will go up against another’s darkness to guide them to the truth.

First, we help you see it, to take a good look. Then, guide you to do your own healing, to untie the knots and tangles. The Bwiti tradition, and Iboga, is about self-empowerment. In the dark places of the soul, a fire is lit, and we are FILLED WITH LIFE. OUR WHOLENESS IS THE GIFT.

-Steven Moubengui