Tranquilo Time in Costa Rica

The first rains have come to Costa Rica and drenched the parched fields and forests, resulting in a symphony of flowers and hundreds of different colors of green. The sweet relief of a cloudy beach day is a blessing forgotten during the harsh dry heat of the summer. As we sit in the Iboga Healing Temple, receiving deeply clear wisdom from Iboga plant medicine, lightning claps and illuminates in the distance. The rainy season is an introspective time, a time to go within, a time to be truly present with the life that is exploding out of every stem and bud. The locals here have a popular saying, a mantra really, that they constantly repeat…. ‘Tranquilo’. The answer to a late taxi, a long bank line, rush hour traffic. The ‘Tranquilo’ attitude is a perfect compliment to Iboga and the Bwiti philosophy, an invitation to SLOW DOWN and be present in any situation.

Sunrise, sunset, the middle of the day when the sun us high and we retreat to our hammocks. These are the milestones of the day which, when strung together, punctuate a life. Sign posts in our reality to constantly check us in to the here and now. To ignore these daily rituals, to forsake the present moment and dwell in the past or future brings only suffering, depression, and anxiety. We all feel it, we all know the difference. And yet, we are human. A wise spiritual leader and author Martin Prechtel refers to humans as “the great forgetters”, or “the shimmering amnesiacs”, whose purpose on this earth is to continually REMEMBER, through ritual and connection, the glory of creation and our place within it. Iboga is a tool which is helping many to remember ourselves, our life purpose, our place in the great spectrum of life. And so the motto of today is ‘Tranquilo’. Give yourself the gift of the present moment, of LIFE which is the greatest gift if all.


Iboga Healing Center