Upgrading Ourselves

Upgrading Ourselves:

In the last few centuries, which is only a second in the minute of humanity, the leading thinkers have been bent on alchemy. Searching for a way to increase or change one’s mental state, and spiritual understanding. Studying, documenting, experimenting with formulas, using minerals, elements, research simple to complex, using the cosmos and micro cosmos to study the body mind and spirit. Creating the beautiful art of science, while still searching for the answer.

It is as if we have been locked inside ourselves, looking for the key, yet moving farther and farther away from it. This epic search for the missing link, the key to unlock the human spirit, a way back to the garden, to the earth our mother.

We may not find our answers on books, in experiments, from another lover, of or a new friend. IBOGA is returning home to YOURSELF.

The deepest, most beautiful people often face the darkest challenges. These dark times are in harmony with our awakening to our true selves, like a plant reaching through a dark canopy towards the light.

Taking a dive into yourself is a way to honor your life. Sometimes, we are out of control, at the mercy of the struggle, the challenges seeming to overtake our time. LIFE is about LIVING and illness begins in the spirit.

To address these struggles, a personal spiritual discovery will bring us to the root of the problem. To truly heal, we need to take our life into our own hands, control our minds, and see the truth for ourselves.

With Iboga and the ancient wisdom of the Bwiti you become your own witness and free yourself.

-Steven Moubengui