Why is it important to have 2 ceremonies during the retreat?

Frequently asked question about Iboga Healing Retreats: “Why is it important to do 2 Iboga ceremonies during the retreat?”

The 8 day Psycho-Spiritual Retreat was developed by our Bwiti Shaman and teacher as a healing method of working with Iboga plant medicine.

We learned the formula for the retreat directly from him, and maintaining the integrity and wholeness of his program is very important to the success of the retreat.

During the week, each person participates in 2 full Iboga ceremonies with high quality root bark. For many, the first ceremony is a total detox of the mind and body. While the body is eliminating heavy metals, toxins, emotional blockages, and pain left over from trauma, the mind is releasing negative thought patterns, unhealthy belief systems, traumatic memories, and unnecessary information.

Once this deep cleansing has taken place, the body, mind, and soul are prepared for the spiritual journey. A Psycho-Spiritual journey is a spiritual journey to heal your mind. Often times, the second ceremony is where one is able to go deeper and gain answers to their questions about life, discovering their true selves and purpose.

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Pictured: Playa Pequena, Sintra, Portugal