Bwiti is the “Study of life” and the Bwiti people the “Students of Life” with Iboga as their teacher. The Bwiti people live on the West central coast of Africa in Gabon. 85% national rainforest, a jewel of green surrounded by countries with much war and poverty, Gabon has been called a garden of Eden. Tribal life flourishes there much as it did thousands of years ago. The Bwiti remained hunter-gatherers through the advent of farming and agriculture. Living in this ancient way, within an intact ecosystem has allowed the Bwiti arts of dance, ritual, and music to take precedent in their lives. It shows in their beautiful intricate ceremonies rich with complex music and breathtaking dancing.


     We learn the traditional ceremony of Iboga from the Bwiti people, the principles they have spent thousands of years discovering in their work with this plant are the guiding philosophies for how to work with and interpret the powerful messages Iboga has for us.


    The Bwiti use Iboga for the very important ritual of INITIATION. This rite exists in its own way in every culture in the world, and marks the passage of time and major events in one’s life.  INITIATION  is one of the missing rites of our culture in the western world. Our young adults feel a need to expand their conciousness, to challenge themselves, and often turn to harmful drugs to find some semblance of this experience.The Iboga INITIATION experience is a challenge, intended to provide the initiate with a chance to face their fears, to be confronted with the unknown, and to conquer, coming out feeling ready for whatever adulthood may have in store.  The youth also have a chance to ask any questions they may have about their life purpose or life itself, leaving them ready to move forward into adulthood with clarity and strength.

     The music springing out of the village is integral to the ceremonial Iboga experience. 


    In a world where depression, anxiety, and confusion are the norm, the Bwiti extend their hands to us, reaching out from a time where humanity lived in harmony with nature and themselves. Lovingly sharing the foundational knowledge which has kept their fire lit and smiles on their faces for all these years.

    Our intention is for this website to be a place where everyone can find Bwiti music, footage, and pictures. As a resource for learning about the roots of the growing Iboga movement.


Bwiti Music - Moungongo

Bwiti Music - Ngombi Harp

Special Thanks to the Moukoumou Village of Gabon

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