The Experience


The physical and visionary effects of Iboga are different for everyone. This highly intelligent plant delivers a very personal experience based on your body chemistry and brain pathways, addressing the exact areas that need attention and healing. 


Just after sundown, our team and participants gather around the fire in the pristine nature around the center. We utilize Bwiti music and philosophy to ceremonially present the plant as we discuss traditional strategies for living a healthy, happy life.

The provider gives each person Iboga in the form of high quality pure Iboga root bark straight from our shaman and sister village in Gabon, Africa. After ingesting the medicine we continue to be present with the fire and encourage everyone to feel free to communicate how they are feeling. After about 1 hour most begin to feel a bit heavy like they would like to lay down. At this point a member of our team will lead you to the temple area where we have prepared mattresses for each participant.


At Iboga Healing you will never be alone for the duration of your experience. From the time we circle up through the following day you are being attended and guided by our trained professionals.

Iboga is different for everyone, but there are some common themes that present during the ceremony. Some but not all experience physical detox, such as throwing up or sweating. Iboga is a powerful bitter and works with your body to cleanse away harmful toxins and blockages. If something comes out, it needed to be out, and in the days following many describe a feeling of internal cleanness and lightness, a body chemistry re-set on the deepest level.

As the visionary effects begin to set in, most of the insights come from within, with eyes closed. This can present as a sort of “screen” or “movie” in the minds eye which often addresses life events, triumphs and traumas we have experienced, and how they have shaped the way we make decisions, how we react to situations, how we see ourselves, and our world view. During the night you will participate in a guided journey with your provider, in which they will help you to receive answers to the questions you have about your life, and also help you to reconnect with your soul and life purpose.

The effects of Iboga are strongest during the night and start to subside as the sun rises.


As the sun rises you will be guided back to your private room where most spend the day resting and integrating their experience. The medicine is still very much with you this day and we encourage everyone to take this time to be present with what they are receiving. We will bring you fruit and food and check on you every hour. We are there if you would like to talk and of course everyone is always welcome to join us in the common area.

During your stay you will go through this process twice. Having two journeys is an integral part of our retreats and allows for everyone to move through initial physical and mental detoxes and into the deeper pools of wisdom which are accessible with this incredible plant medicine.

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